Friday, August 29, 2008

This weekend

Interesting is not the word to describe this weekend. I'm in the process of moving. I have family coming. HE is coming. I have to entertain my family, friends, and him. Plus, I have to move and you know I have to get a few two steps in this weekend. Do you guys remember when this happen last (it produce two post both were funny). I was pretty sure my mother and I was going to have the talk this weekend. I wasn't expecting to come out to my cousin too. I think taking her to a gay club with be the best j/k! I think it would be a quick fix though, because I have to slide in someone's party before the weekend is over. She loves to party, so I doubt if I will be able to leave her. I tested Corey's pride agenda last night . He was dead on the money I rode pass Bulldogs at 3 am and it was out of control.

Slick is determine not to go out. He doesn't want to be "exposed" or spend his money. The exposure part is funny, because he is a lady. Everyone knows already! He almost lost his strength when we rode pass Bulldogs after leaving Ihop. He start chanting "I'm not going out". BOY STOP! Instead he is going to live vicariously through me. He trying to pick out clothes and everything. He is about to lose his mind trying to learn this wobble dance. I plan on being completely carefree this weekend. I'm not worried about managing anyone or any corporate crap. I'm going to act a fool at some point.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


  • He and I are still talking. He's coming to check on me and his place this weekend. He was so pushy about coming this weekend. After I told him to come I realize what that was about. PRIDE!!!
  • These men are something else! You can't keep tabs on a man like me!
  • He's a little concern, because I think he is catching feelings.
  • I'm trying to tell him to just have a good time.
  • Oh, I discovered he is old. Anyone who is more than 10 years my senior is a bit too much for me. 10 years cool, but 15+ is not!
  • Sounds bad, huh?
  • I'm going to let it play out.
  • I feel like being a little
  • I won an award at a regional meeting for my job.
  • My job and I had a show down for the record books last week.
  • They were all apologetic. yeah, save that *&*^!
  • I'm going to start looking for another job. We'll see
  • I may see you guys out this weekend (still debating). Speak when you see a playa

Sunday, August 17, 2008


After being all excited and feeling like I spoke him into my life I'm faced with reality. Yeah, it's been less than two weeks and the infatuation is over. It's such ashame, is it not? I'm wondering if I'm committing self-sabotage. Am I purposely finding flaws to make him less significant? Probably. Does his pace scare me? DEFINITELY! He wants to meet my mother. Are you kidding? I vaguely remember how he looks (he's been out of town on business). I remember not being blown away (he was alright). He had to be decent if I gave him my number, right? Do I see a power struggle coming my way? Most definitely! Whenever I feel like I'm losing my independence I will push back real hard. I don't need a dad. He is ready for a life long commitment I can tell by our conversation. I thought I was ready for something real, but am I really? I DON'T KNOW! I'm full of crap! All this talk about finding something real. I have great potential in front of me and now I'm getting scared. I need my a** kicked. He's too old for me, I think. See there goes another excuse...sigh. How do I go from wanting this experience and this man to questioning everything. Am I afraid of love or the potential of this situation? He's coming with his stuff together that's for sure. Whatever...I'm going to make a conscious effort not to kill this experience. Even though, I'm already poking holes in the foundation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random thoughts on getting to know him

  • He excites me!
  • His confidence is so HOT!
  • His approach was so smooth
  •'re too smooth. I'm being extra attentive to our conversations, because I'm waiting on the bullsh*t.
  • So far, your staying in the clear
  • I'm teaching you patience. (In general you move fast. I don't plan on dying anytime soon. Trust, you have my attention)
  • You don't like that!
  • You try to hide it, but I can tell you are use to setting the pace and someone following
  • I'm not that guy...sorry! Heck, I'm use to setting the pace
  • I do feel the need to oblige, but I think it's better for me to stay true to myself.
  • We've had a slight yes moment. It was diffused before it could really occur
  • I'm waiting on you to get over it.
  • You're going to act like you weren't aggravated by it, but I know you were.
  • I want to really talk about it.
  • I hope you do too
  • I like to gain understanding
  • This will help us determine each other parameters
  • You have to let patience have its perfect work
  • Trust, you will want for nothing
Playing~"Jockin' Jay z"-Jay z (this makes me get real cocky)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I had a few post on the back burner, but I'm going to squeeze everything into a random list.

  • I went to this party a week or two ago and I experienced what my friends and I call cattiness. Typically, cattiness comes from females interactions with other females. However, it has somehow permeated the gays. Cattiness can be exemplified through a shady look for no reason. I.E. you walk in a room and they give you the side eye like who is this b*tch. Calling ppl fish, etc.
  • When you are at a gathering or any type of intimate meet & greet this is not the time for you to play/talk on your phone. Enjoy the company you are amongst. You never know what you may experience. Sigh...the internet has caused the kids to be seriously unsocialized. Get your a** off of those websites and talk to people!
  • Stop letting your friends dictate your feeling towards an individual. If you think they are hot, stick with your feeling. Who cares if your friends thinks they aren't masculine or whatever enough.'re an adult!
  • Why does Jazmine Sullivan take my post(s) and make a song (lions, tigers, and bears)?
  • Speaking of music.....Monica is back! The last album I couldn't support, but this one may get me back on board. I really enjoyed her show! I heard the ratings were crazy!
  • The dude who inspired this post is not in the picture. I passed on him for a few reason the main one being shawty/crazy.
  • I'm realizing I have an issue with sex. I'm very cautious concerning it. I thinking it comes from a few things mainly molestation and church. I have to get to the bottom of this.
  • Don't you hate it when the person you think is hot likes someone else. It's even worse when the person you like, likes the person who likes you....sigh. confusion
  • The only thing worse than that is when you find out the person you think is hot is tacky! Why did you show my homeboy your "thing" at work...ugh. You lost points. You come across so dignified, who would've thought?
  • AAHHHMM...please inform the kids that Tops can get HIV too. I heard the dumbest mess the other day. They didn't say that verbatim, but that's what it implied. Our infection rate is so how because.....sigh
  • People need to start asking to see people's results before they lay down with them. You'll be surprise who's infected.
  • My birthday passed and it was so uneventful..blah! I do feel very grown man and everyone is feeling the effects of it. Some are enjoying it and others are like you're not playing anymore, huh?
  • Speaking of, I'm so going to regulate my boss's boss. You know, you have to discipline bosses sometime. I told them I was holding them more accountable. MFer I need to see some results.
  • I didn't take the job in Florida. I feel comfortable passing one the money to gain some life lessons.
  • My intern is finishing up her program and I'm so proud! She is the best! It feels so good to develop someone's career!
  • I'm certain there is more to say, but I'm going to chill for now.