Tuesday, August 29, 2006

life aint no fairytale

As a child, we dream of going to college, graduating, getting that great job, getting married, and living happily ever after. Everyone was on that Huxtable shit. It seemed so easy to acquire all those things, but we never gave much thought to what it would take to accomplish those dreams or what we would do if those dreams were derailed.

We never thought getting a degree would be unobtainable. We couldn't imagine getting a bullshit job after working extremely hard to get the degree. We never thought questions of our sexual orientation would completely puzzle us about marriage and utterly confuse us about what it means to be happily ever after. The only thought in our minds were "if I can see it I can achieve".

As young adults (30 and under), we look back on the dreams we had as child (hell, 5 years ago) and a lot the dreams we had are just that....dreams. It's saddening and disappointing, but the good news is we still can accomplish our dreams. Obviously, the dreams will not be the ones we dreamt up at 7 years of age, but we still have the ability to recreate. Someone challenged me to dream again and I'm going to start.