Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Church boy

These confused church boys are a mess! I promise to never entertain them again. Gotta run for work, but I had to type this...sigh.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friends before....

Playing~"6, 8, 12"-Brian McKnight

I have a situation. My closet buddy has been staying with me for about a week. A tree knocked down his power line. I have someone who is trying to "chill" with me tomorrow (spend the night). He is going to lose it when he realize my homie is staying too. He is not going to stay the night and I WANT him to. What does a brother do? Mind you, something like this just happen involving the same friend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

where am i to go?

Playing~"I tried"-J. Holiday

Am at a very weird place in my life. I've grown too much for where I am and I have no ideal where I'm going. For an ambitious person I am lacking direction...BIG TIME! I don't know what to do with myself career wise. I've been at my current employer for 3 years. Amidst all of the BS, I've obtain a few promotions and gain a great reputation throughout the organization. There is a problem, I've always viewed this job as a stepping stone and my ticket to Atlanta. If I was going to stay with the organization, I definitely would go to the corporate office. Well, no more corporate office ( the Atlanta office closed). I've been identified as a flight risk, so they are trying to push me to the next level. When they asked questions about what I want to do, I never have a solidified answer.

I'm so over this job. I'm becoming short of despondent. The only thing that keeps me going now is my reputation. I've thought of going back to school, which is typical for a college graduate who finds themselves unhappy with the job market. However, that would cause me to downsize my life. Basically, I'll have to get a roommate (sigh). I haven't obtained any major debt (i.e. new car, etc).

I realize I haven't found my passion. I don't find myself too enthused about anything in particular. I'm concerned! I'm great at event planning. While in college I put on events that people are still trying to duplicate (4 years later). I lead well. Thus, my success at my current job (manager). I just need to find something that's meaningful for me and pays well. I'm certain half of America could echo that line.

Okay, enough self-loathing

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready for Love?

Playing~"knock you down"-Keri Hilson

I want an honest answer. Hypothetically, let's say there is a such thing as a soul mate. If you met him/her today with all of your current issues and circumstances, would you be ready to commit? Could you treat them the way they're suppose to be treated? Could you allow them to treat you the way you're suppose to be treated?

We all have our vices in relationships. Would your trust issue hinder the relationship? Would pass hurts make it difficult for them to connect with you on an intimate level? Would your sex drive ruin things? Are your spending habits, so out of control they could not see building a financial future with you? Would your mood swings confuse him/her?

Honestly, are you ready for love?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

uckery of the day

"Goonette" Trailer

I'm certain he's serious and that's what makes it even the more entertaining.