Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm still here (random info)

Playing~"Bad Habit"-Maxwell

  • This season change is causing me to feel the relationship bug..sigh.
  • I hate to admit that! arrgghh
  • You feel it too...don't front
  • Good luck with that
  • You think we are in a financial recession? Try dating
  • However, a** and/or d*ck is plentiful in my city.
  • People are willing to give their bodies as oppose to their minds...go figure
  • I ain't mad...those hormones will get you!
  • Speaking of, I've been kicking hormones a** for 3 months!
  • Let me stop frontin', it's been more like a heavy weight 12 round fight
  • *sigh* me and those rules of mine
  • When I do f*#&....I'm going stupid. I want to hear some f*#king screaming, moaning, cussing, etc.
  • whew...see what happens
  • Friends have been a great outlet
  • However, all they do is encourage me to f*&#
  • The good boy in me will not die!!
  • d*mn him
  • I decided to do something about my career. I was tired of hearing myself complain.
  • I'm studying for the GMAT. Well, I don't know if I should call it that.... I'm slacking so hard. I test in less than a month. smh
  • I brought a new car.
  • His name is G.
  • What have you been up to?