Monday, September 21, 2009

Yet another Dear John

Playing~"Drained"-Latoya Luckett (this song came on and it's fits the post...oh the irony)

I remember thinking, "did I speak this man into my life". You came correct no hhiisssing, no sending your friend, no crazy comment to catch my attention, no sexual innuedo and no game. You came with questions and I provided answers. You were so sure and confident. I was beyond impressed. I later found out it took you two weeks to build up the courage to approach me (lol). You were ready to jump in the water head first. I was only ready to swirl my feet around. Unfortunately, this particular issue caused me to break things off abrutly. Uncertain of my decision, our relationship became this ball of ambiguity. You were not delighted about this lack of clearity, but you dealt with it. After all, you just wanted to keep me around. Eventually, you started receiving benefits that made it worth it. My sex game went to another level! I don't know what I was doing before, but sex became an experience! However, a year later I was still guarded and provided no terms or commitments to our future. I just couldn't let my guards down. I also had some concerns, but I knew I couldn't change them. You were so ready to please; I couldn't get you to admit to my concerns. Sadly, one night your passion for me boiled over and things quickly went left. I realized that your desire for me could put both of us in danger. I haven't spoken to you since; we both knew that night was the last night of us.